Modernize Claims Processing with Remote Inspection Technology

Posted by Taylor Busby on

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Climate change and COVID-19. Two current events with double-whammy consequences for the insurance industry.

On one hand, the increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes and other natural disasters continue to destroy property across the country, causing the number of insurance claims to skyrocket. However, travel and social restrictions associated with COVID-19 upended and complicated how adjusters conduct inspections and process claims.

One notable sidebar—conditions within the insurance industry are also changing. Many insurance claim adjusters are retiring, and fewer millennials are filling in the gaps. This means more claims with fewer available adjusters.

Living in such a dynamic situation, how can insurance carriers maintain profitability?

Back to Business with Remote Inspection Technology

Mobile apps for claims processing allow adjusters to keep pace with demand by increasing efficiency and reducing vulnerability to external variables like extreme weather and travel restrictions.

Historically, the insurance industry adopts new technology at a slower pace, particularly for claims processing. But even before COVID-19, major insurance carriers had already started leveraging digital technology solutions. Now, these technologies are essential for conducting business.

Save onboarding time with Intuitive Design

If you’re playing catch-up in choosing an app for remote inspections, ease-of-use is an especially important consideration for modernizing operations in a short time frame.

While considering solutions, look for a balance between the essential features claims adjusters and customers need to conduct business (like the ones listed below) versus distracting add-ons with minimal benefits.

Advanced Video Conferencing

Customers can document damage using their phone’s native video, photo, and flashlight capabilities. Claims adjusters conduct inspections remotely, saving your business money on travel costs.

Digital Measurements

Augmented Reality allows claims adjusters to take accurate digital measurements of a customer’s property during video calls, making remote inspections safer and faster.

Schedule Meetings

Administrative tasks associated with processing claims burn through a ton of time. This new software allows all parties to coordinate inspections within a single app on their phone. Users can manage their calendars, schedule meetings, and check call statuses.

Customer Chat

A two-way chat feature saves adjusters and policyholders the typical lag from email communication, thereby reducing claim processing time and improving client satisfaction.

Import Claims

Importing claims through a mobile app streamlines record-keeping by enabling both parties to import, export, and access claims data in one easy-to-find location.

More Secure

For insurance companies, systems security is top-of-mind. Not all apps today incorporate the ideal security protections for your company and its customers. Make sure the app you choose meets requirements for sharing sensitive data like documents, videos, and photos.

Connect Systems

Look for remote inspection apps that integrate with your existing claims processing systems.

Improve Client Satisfaction

When policyholders submit a claim, they’re often amid a tough situation. Add on a pandemic, and the level of stress on a family has never been higher.

Remote inspection apps enable customers to submit a claim, schedule and complete an inspection. This technology empowers policyholders to find the information they need, turning a typically stressful process into one that benefits your business and its customers.

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