How Video Calling Is Changing The Way We Work

Posted by Taylor Busby on

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The way companies operate and how people work has changed a lot. Today, the number of employees working remotely has increased greatly and the concept of global office spaces has boomed. This kind of setup has definitely proved to be beneficial for the company and its employees; but it has also raised the issue of establishing solid collaboration. Chances are more that the teams may not be able to communicate properly, may misinterpret the words or even miss some in the process. This may create confusion within the team members.

This is where video conferencing or video calling apps come to your rescue. In the present scenario or say, in the coming years organizations are going to adopt video conferencing apps for better communications, collaborations and team management.
So let’s see how videoconferencing is going to bring about changes in the current business environment and culture.

The ease of connecting from anywhere

Video conference brings to the table the flexibility of letting the attendees to join the meeting from anywhere. Again, in the last few years the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has come up and companies has been encouraging their employees to use their laptops, desktop, smartphones or tablets to connect to the meeting from their home or wherever they are. Now for the company, such kind of setup helps them to connect all the employees irrespective of their location and this helps in boosting collaboration and communication between the teams.

Saving time and costs related to travel

Now you can connect with others, have meetings, discussions and even debate just by sitting at the comfort of your home. With time videoconferencing technologies have advanced and now they are as good as any in-person meeting. So for the attendee, it saves them a lot of money spent on travel. In short, video conferencing system is far more cheap compared to the money you would otherwise spend on flight, hotel, car rental and food when travelling to attend a meeting.

Again, productivity can also get affected by frequent or long route travels. Just think about the time you will be spending idle in the air during your travels. Moreover, if the team is spread across different locations across the globe, video conferencing seems to be genuinely good way to communicate with each other, wastes less time and boosts productivity. So the time generally spend on meetings can be used efficiently for other works.

Help make quicker decisions

Competition is getting aggressive in the market. For the same reason, it can mean a lot if your team can connect within themselves just in a matter of few minutes. You need to brainstorm, find solutions and make quick decisions in a way that it can be as effective as having an in-person meeting. You can share your content or make use of whiteboards in order to help the other person understand things well and make conversations even more effective.

Maintaining office culture

Many businesses are now focusing on office culture when it comes to employee acquisition and retention. It can be difficult to build and maintain the office culture with the employees who are working remotely. With videoconferencing, people will be able to depict their true self and personality. This will help in building relationships with the other employees. Knowing an employee is happy and seeing an employee to be actually happy has its own different impacts.

Keeping remote employees on the same page

Videoconferencing can help you coordinate with your remote employees well and keep them together in sync. Audio calls have always been useful when communicating with others but, adding video to the calls just adds life to the meeting. Video calls can help in better content sharing too. With video calls, the employees will be able to see and gauze the facial expressions and body language of the other person and this will help in boosting collaboration. Such meetings will yield better engagement from every participant. The in-house employees will be able to know the remote employees well and this will help in them getting together well.

Final thoughts

Video conferencing or video calling apps are going to stay here for a long time. Apart from conducting meetings, sharing business ideas, planning work, etc. video calling apps are said to play better roles in getting work done. Such applications will boost customer-company engagement too which will help in offering better services as well as resolving issues at the earliest all the while reducing time and money spend in the process.