How to Safely Conduct Inspections for Building Permits without Traveling to the Job Site

Posted by Taylor Busby on

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As the world continues to fight a deadly pandemic that is COVID-19, many industries suffer, and municipal inspections are one of them. City Government inspections might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about challenges due to Coronavirus, but if you consider how many municipal agencies have paused their services, you will realize that the inability to conduct permit inspections can cause delays for many stakeholders.

Due to COVID:19 restrictions in attempt to keep everyone safe, many municipal inspectors are not able to visit the job-site to perform inspections. In this article, we’ll explore some solutions which not only benefit the project but the inspectors as well.

Turning to Technology for a Solution

In order to solve the above problem, we need a reliable way to conduct municipal permit inspections while keeping both parties safety in mind. As video calling technology advances, why not use an application to inspect the building without physically visiting it?

Adjustify will help the world as an alternative to the physical building inspection. It provides a high-quality, web-based, remote video inspections app by which inspectors can conduct Remote Permit Inspections.

Advanced Scheduling Tools save time for City Inspectors

For an inspection, both the parties should decide a perfect time to get things done. This remote video inspection software allows its users to schedule an inspection and invite the customers to Adjustify to join at the scheduled time. At the time of the call inspectors can see their customer has downloaded the app and is ready for the remote inspection, thus saving time for both parties.

Let’s explore more benefits of Adjustify along with how it works:

Adjustify is a remote inspection app that gives government inspectors the power to approve a permit without visiting the building physically. They can connect with teams across multiple job sites at different locations from the comfort of their desks. Suppose you are a skilled professional inspector who wants to expand their boundaries and connect with customers at a different location–Adjustify would be the best customer management app for you.

When an inspector physically travels to someplace for inspection, it requires added expenses to reach the place such as traveling charges, residential charges, food charges, etc. But with Adjustify, you only need an internet connection, a mobile phone, and the Adjustify application. That’s it. Thus saving your money, time, and resources.

You can connect with your customers in real-time with the advanced video calling feature of the application. During video calls, you can see the customer’s site, take pictures, and create a detailed report to make your inspection successful. If your internet connection is stable, Adjustify will never let you down.

The scheduling feature provided by Adjustify will help you schedule not only the inspection but much more than that. It also works as a Claim Adjuster app. You can send a schedule invitation to your customers, track their call status, and view their calendar to help you and your team stay organized at the time of inspection.

We make the inspection process very simple. This means one needs no training, and you can be an inspector with little knowledge. Also, there is one screen to handle all the tasks related to inspection, such as photos and reporting, which provide flexibility to the users during the inspection.

The above benefits of choosing us will help you conduct quick and smooth remote video inspections. Also, make sure you are appropriately documenting the inspection report, such as using Time and GPS stamps to avoid any confusion.


Technology is not only making things simple for humankind but also helping them to do their job quickly. It allows the users to spend less time on a job-site and more time doing productive tasks. Thanks to technology, we can see one another through phones using pictures and videos.

That’s why Adjustify becomes more important for people who cannot go out for their work due to the COVID_19 Pandemic. This platform opens many ways for people to connect with each other through advanced video calling technology.

If you are looking for an application to conduct virtual video inspections, then there is nothing better than us. You can try it for free to understand its functionality and schedule a live demo with us.