How Remote Visual Inspection Can Help Your Business Process Claims

Posted by Taylor Busby on

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Remote visual inspections can help your business process claims more efficiently and effectively. Remote inspections conducted through claim management apps allow companies to process a larger volume of reviews than they could if they were performing on-site inspections. Similarly, they minimize loss adjustment expenses (LAE) – not to mention the fact that they can help you save money and improve customer satisfaction!

Save Time and Money – While Being Environmentally Friendly

As you can imagine, performing inspections without the excessive travel time typically involved with on-site inspections can improve the cycle time of your claims processing.

By the same measure, remote video inspections significantly reduce loss adjustment expenses. You no longer have to compensate inspectors for time or costs associated with traveling to the site of an incident, thus reducing LAE.

Eliminating the need for excessive travel also helps you to significantly reduce your firm’s carbon footprint – a metric that has become increasingly important to potential consumers. A study by Sun Microsystems found that over 98% of an employee’s carbon footprint is related to their daily commute, so cutting this out can help your company work towards becoming eco-friendly.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Using a claim adjuster app like Adjustify also leads to improved customer satisfaction. The happier your customers are with your services, the more likely they are to remain clients and even refer more business.

One of the biggest complaints that customers have with home inspections is the time it takes to complete them. They have to wait for an inspector to have availability in their schedule, then wait for them to arrive at the incident site.

A remote visual inspection eliminates this issue, as customers can quickly perform them right from their smartphone. Adjustify gives customers the digital experience they deserve and allows you to work with them at every step of the claims process.

Increased Productivity

Claim management apps such as Adjustify also increase productivity, as inspections can be conducted as soon as the app is installed. Inspectors will spend less time traveling, so more inspections can be completed each day.

Often, an inspector spends more time driving out to a home inspection than they do collecting the information needed to process the claim. With Adjustify, you no longer have to reduce the number of inspections you conduct each day to take into account hours spent traveling.

Adjustify offers advanced video conferencing tools that will allow users to control their customer’s phone’s flashlight and zoom features, ensuring that the images captured are clear enough for processing. Inspectors can even take measurements to confirm the accuracy of the information provided!

No More Weather Delays

One of the most frustrating experiences for customers – and businesses – is when a scheduled inspection must be rescheduled due to weather. Remote video inspections eliminate delays caused by poor weather conditions and still allow for quick turnaround times.

Imagine you have a pipe burst in the winter, but an inspector can’t make it out to your home to inspect the work that a contractor has done. A remote video inspection can easily solve this problem and prevents the pipe from being left exposed until the weather passes!

Easier Re-Inspections

Another benefit of remote visual inspection is the fact that it makes re-inspections much simpler.
Consumers can request another remote video inspection, and it is easy to add new information to the existing files in the claim management app. This saves inspectors from having to make several trips to the same home – which, of course, translates to reduced expenses.

No Special Set-up Required

A common misconception about remote video inspections is that they require large capital investments to set up within your organization.

With Adjustify, there is no up-front setup required. Customers can conveniently connect with your business right from their smartphones – simply by downloading the app!

This makes the transition to remote video inspections simple for both your organizations and your customers.

Health and Safety Benefits

Adjustify also allows inspectors to maintain social distancing due to COVID-19. In our current environment, it is more important than ever to protect the health of inspectors and customers alike.

Our remote visual inspection app can allow you to conduct inspections without ever traveling to the site of the incident, that way there is no potential exposure to health risks by entering a client’s home.

If you think about it, if you conduct an in-person inspection you risk exposing yourself to COVID-19 and could transmit it everywhere else that you travel that day. Since it takes multiple days for symptoms to appear, you could be passing it from person-to-person or even leaving it on surfaces that you have been exposed to.

The best way to keep yourself, and your customers safe, is to conduct remote video inspections!