How Remote Video Inspections Are Changing the Game Across Industries

Posted by Taylor Busby on

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Remote video inspections are changing the way companies across various industries work with customers to inspect and verify claims. It allows for significant efficiency improvements as well as improved customer satisfaction. On-site inspections may become a thing of the past as more businesses begin to incorporate claim inspection apps into their processes.

The Drawbacks of In-Person Inspections

Traditionally, an inspection requires a company to send out an inspector in-person to verify the customer’s claim and begin the settlement process. These in-person inspections can become extremely inefficient, as often inspectors spend just as much time traveling to meet the client as they do to actually complete the inspection.

This can cause serious capacity issues for businesses, as long travel times may prevent them from performing the number of inspections that they would like to each day. The time it takes for inspectors to personally meet with customers not only causes negative environmental impacts but also prevents companies from completing timely inspections.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created additional drawbacks to in-person inspections. While it is necessary to perform an inspection to complete a claim, it is also essential to protect the health of both inspectors and clients – and completing inspections in person poses several safety risks.

How Remote Video Inspections Work for Various Industries

Remote video inspections for the problems described above have allowed companies across various industries to save time and money. Remote inspections help inspectors avoid long travel times and eliminate the extended wait times customers often experience while waiting for their claim to process.

The ease of use is another added benefit, not to mention the fact that this can help firms significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Companies in the auto insurance industry are using remote video inspection to streamline and speed up the claims process.

With remote inspections, all a customer has to do is file a claim with the insurance company, who will then schedule a remote inspection to verify the damage. From there, the inspector and the owner of the vehicle will connect virtually to take photos and walk through the claims process.

This allows auto adjusters to settle claims efficiently, while customers receive the settlement to fix damages in a much shorter timeframe.

Property insurance firms are also utilizing remote video inspections and claim adjuster apps to create a seamless process for their customers to file claims.

Once the policyholder has filed a claim for damage, the insurance company will have the adjuster schedule a remote video inspection to go over the claim. The information they gather will help them settle the claim quickly, without taking time to travel to the customer’s home.

This benefits policyholders as well, as it eliminates the long wait times associated with in-person inspections.

Construction companies can utilize remote video inspections to determine their client’s unique needs.

For instance, if a client needs a kitchen remodeled, they can virtually connect with a contractor and have a remote consultation. The contractor can assess the home, take pictures, and obtain all the information they need to build the design – all without having to step foot in their home!

The process can continue virtually, as the plans can be sent to the client remotely and they can agree to move forward as needed from there.

For home warranty firms, remote video inspection presents a new way to assess damage remotely.

If a major appliance has stopped working, a homeowner can file a claim and quickly connect to an inspector via video chat. The inspector can virtually walk them through the process and determine what needs to be done to repair or replace the appliance.

If you operate a furniture warranty company, remote video inspections can allow you to inspect a client’s furniture damage without having to travel to them in person.

Once the homeowner notifies you that damage has occurred, a furniture technician can perform a remote inspection. Through the video call, the technician can explain the claims process and determine whether the furniture can be repaired or replaced.

Using Adjustify to Meet with Customers

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented challenges for in-person inspections and at-home meetings for businesses across many industries.

With Adjustify, you can visually inspect claims without having to travel to the site of the incident – this eliminates the health risks of meeting in person as well as travel time and costs.

You can schedule meetings with customers remotely, import claims, and capture photos that will enable you to have a seamless claims process.

Our advanced video conferencing tools will allow users to control their customer’s phone zoom and flashlight features, ensuring clear images for processing. Inspectors can also take measurements to maximize the accuracy of the information they are capturing.

After the call is complete, users can view a recording of the video and add additional notes to the images they received.
Adjustify gives customers the digital experience they deserve, and by allowing you to work with your clients at every step of the process, you also increase customer satisfaction.