How Adjustify Helps You Manage the Claims Process Even Better Than Before!

Posted by Taylor Busby on

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The traditional process around managing a claim involves many people. The typical claim goes from a que, to a reviewer, to an inspection until a final determination is made. Reviews are different for digital claim processes, and have become more efficient and faster comparatively.

Let’s see how the traditional process works…

In order to start your claims process you need to contact your agent who is typically your primary point of contact on your insurance policy. You need to explain to the agent what has happened to get the claims process started. Inform your agent about all property loss or damage that has occurred as well as any related injuries. Based on the information, an adjuster will be assigned to your claim and will contact you to schedule an on-site inspection to inspect the damage.

The adjuster will investigate the level of property damage that has occurred. In order to confirm the loss, the adjuster may require further investigation by interviewing witnesses or reliable 3rd parties who can confirm the event that caused the damage.

Once the claim has been investigated thoroughly, your agent will review the policy documents to determine the level of coverage in your policy and discuss with you, any items that may not be covered. Your agent will also inform you of any deductibles which may be applicable as part of the claims process. Once a settlement has been reached, you can begin the process of finding a contractor who can offer you the repair or replacement services needed.

The traditional claims inspection process can be lengthy as it typically requires coordination of schedules between the adjuster and customer for a time that works for both, as well as travel time for the adjuster to conduct an on-site inspection.  Once on-site, the inspection includes taking photos and notes and possibly measurements needed to calculate replacement/repair costs.  The report is now sent to the insurance company where a final review is conducted in order to make a determination of a claim settlement.

The introduction of technology as part of the claims process has helped insurance companies settle claims faster, which leads to happier customers. Adjustify, a video conferencing technology solution significantly reduces an adjuster’s time and travel for on-site inspections, thereby enhancing the speed in which claims are settled.

It is very easy for an adjuster to use Adjustify and connect with their policyholders in three simple steps:

  • Schedule an inspection and invite your customer to Adjustify
  • The customer will download the Adjustify app and accepts the invitation 
  • The adjuster will be virtually connected with the policyholder and will start the remote         inspection process using Adjustify.

Going beyond the traditional video call, this technology creates a video recording of the entire interaction and allows a user to access the customer camera feature to take photos with zoom and flash that visibly identifies property damage.

Benefits of using Adjustify

No doubt there are many benefits for using Adjustify as part of the claims process.

Adjustify gives users the power to conduct remote inspections around the world from their desk.  Now skilled professionals can expand their territory and connect with customers in a variety of locations.

Adjustify also saves time and resources and increases productivity by removing the hassle of on-site inspections  Adjusters are able to schedule more meetings while reducing operational costs and travel time.

With Adjustify, advanced video conferencing features are used to help speed up the inspection process and keeps you connected with your policyholder who is now engaged in the entire process. The app uses the camera on the smartphone of the policyholder to view the damaged property as well as any related injuries that may have occurred. This way the adjuster will have detailed photos and video captured which can be reviewed at any time during the adjudication process.

The use of technology will offer a digital experience to the customers that is seamless and easy and with Adjustify, the insurance company will be able to expedite the entire claims handling process, all the while, delivering a quicker claims turn-around time, which improves customer satisfaction.


The days of traditional claims processing which require in-person/on-site inspection will soon be replaced by technology-driven solutions such as Adjustify. Who doesn’t want a more efficient process to settle claims faster?